Open vacancy/SIGI Financial Officer/ Project Accountant


Objective: Achieving SIGI’s goals according to what was stated and what will be mentioned in the strategic plans by using financial and accounting knowledge, cost principles, including Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), knowledge of financial and accounting software applications, and knowledge of financial systems and their application. Moreover, it provides support in preparing project budgets and financial reports in coordination with other departments. In addition, developing the institute in terms of accounting and finance, according to the best standards and governance. Under the guidance of the Executive Director and the consultant of SIGI in accordance with the regulations and instructions in force in the Association. 


Job title (financial officer - project accountant).


Location: Amman- Jordan


Deadline for submitting:12/10/2023


Required languages: Arabic / English, Any third language is preferred.


Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Financial reports and statements


  • Prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports including but not limited to internal reports and donor financial reports.

  • Prepare year-end financial statements to present to the external auditors

  • Work closely with the external and internal auditors

  • Track  expenses, issue payments and prepare all payment and journal vouchers 

  • Review expenses and the supporting documents for all financial transactions and assure adherence to the financial policies and procedures and donor requirements.

  • Prepare a filing system for all financial supporting documents according to the internal policies and procedures in addition to donors’ requirements and maintain updated records.

  • Perform monthly bank reconciliations and make sure no old outstanding Chq.

  • Perform monthly cash count with the possibility of making surprise cash Count.

  • Manage all accounts receivable and payable 

  • Reviewing petty cash advances and working on periodic inventory and settlement mechanisms.

  • Follow-up collection of funds from donors.

  • Reviewing the monthly statements of withholding tax on employee salaries, service and consulting contracts, and supervising their transfer to the income tax system.

  • Review the deduction of social security percentages (share of employees and the association) and work to settle them with the social security statements.

  1. Accounts control and Management 


  1. Budgets


  • Support the finance department by working on setting the budget for the project proposal, and preparing the financial requirements in accordance with the agreement with the donors.
  • Maintain a record of fixed assets related to projects for audit purposes.
  • Full knowledge of the project budgets of civil society organizations.
  • Preparing project budgets in coordination with the financial department, finance departments, and executive management.
  • Submit a monthly report showing actual expenditures compared to projected PVA expenditures.
  • Communicate with donors, attend meetings, and answer all their financial inquiries.
  • Ensure the progress of work in accordance with the regulations and instructions of the financial and accounting association.
  • Follow up with the donor's financial project auditor.
  • Preparing financial reports according to donor models.
  • A financial follow-up to implement activities and programs related to the project in coordination with the Programs and Activities Department.




  • A  bachelor's degree in Accounting or Finance or any other related degree.
  • 5 to 10 as a project accountant with experience in preparing and monitoring budgets.

  • Experience in working with NGOs/Development organizations 

  • Take a measure skills exam to ensure having the required experience.

  • Provide samples of his / her previous work in this field.

  • Good communication skills

  • Working a full-time job

  • The ability to use accounting software.

  • The ability to prepare financial reports according to donor models.

  • Excellent oral and written English skills
  • Working within a team and working under pressure.


If the mentioned terms are compatible with yours, please send us your CV to this email address  [email protected] before     12/10/2023. No requests will be accepted unless they comply with the above-mentioned conditions.


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