Solidarity is a Global Institute-Jordan (SIGI): 27 incidents of murders within families resulted in 25 casualties, 16 of whom were females and 9 of whom were males, for the year of 2023.


3 murder attempts out of the 27 crimes resulted in 5 wounded, 3 females and 2 males.

One of the attempts almost ended the life of the wife and her two daughters, after the father took to brutally stabbing them with a sharp object.

37% of the family related homicides occurred within the capital city, Amman, 22% in Irbid, and 18.5% in Karak

 Solidarity is a Global Institute-Jordan: The first half of 2023 was more violent in terms of family-related homicides compared to the second half of the same year.

Despite the slight decrease in family-related homicides in 2023 compared to 2022, the incidents that occurred in the year of 2023 were considerably more violent.

Most of the murders were of the “husband kills his wife” or of the “brother kills his sister”, and most of them were absolutely horrific crimes.

The geographical boundaries did not prevent the husband from committing his crime against his wife, as the husband killed his wife in Canada.

SIGI calls for the establishment of a national observatory that specializes in monitoring family-related homicides in order to reduce and solve them in a scientific and accurate manner. 

SIGI has documented the toll of the family-related homicides in 2023, and which has been recorded in the SIGI’s observatory based on the statement from the General Security Directorate and various Jordanian media outlets.

In 2023, there were 27 cases of Family-related homicides resulting in 25 victims, including 16 females and 9 males.

According to SIGI,' the tally of announced family-related homicides in 2023 reached 27 cases within families, resulting in 25 victims (16 females and 9 males). Additionally, there were 3 attempted murders resulting in 5 injuries. The first involved a husband stabbing his wife and daughters in the capital, Amman, using a sharp tool. The second attempt occurred when one of the children, specifically in Amman's Al-Jawfah area, stabbed their father with a sharp tool. The third involved a husband stabbing his wife in the Balqa Governorate, leading to sending her to the intensive care unit. 

SIGI notes the fact that  2023 witnessed a slight decrease in family-related homicides compared to 2022. However, the murders that occurred in 2023 were considerably more violent; in terms of the nature of crimes and the tools used in their execution.Sharp tools were the most used weapons to execute murders and some of the crimes were committed through the use of instruments that led to the victim’s immediate death, as one of the family-related homicide that occurred last June involved a brother who killed his sister by attacking her with a sickle he had picked up from one of the rooms in the house following a verbal altercation, as she brought breakfast without bread."

SIGI adds that most of the crimes committed against females by their brothers or fathers occurred through the use of frequently used household items, like knives, daggers, and some of them through burning, which is considered one of the most horrific crimes. For instance, a father committed a crime against his daughter in Al-Mafraq Governorate by pouring gasoline on her while she was asleep and setting her on fire."

Furthermore, SIGI highlights that the first half of 2023 had a higher number of family related homicides compared to the first half of 2022. 15 family-related homicides occurred in the first half of the 2023 year which resulted in the death of 12 females and 4 males, whereas the first half of 2022 saw the occurrence of  6 of these crimes. 


37% of these crimes occurred within the capital city, Amman, 22% in Irbid, and 18.5% in Karak

Geographically, according to SIGI’s observation based on security statements and media reports regarding the geographic distribution of crimes, the capital city, Amman, stands as one of the major governorates where family-related homicides occurred. The total number of crimes in Amman reached 12, all within families, accounting for 37% of the total crimes. Following that is Irbid Governorate with 6 crimes, comprising 22.2% of the total crimes and attempted murders. Then comes Al-Karak Governorate with 5 crimes, making up 18.5%.

Moreover, the rest of the crimes occurred spread out, one in each of the following governorates: AlZarqa, AlBalqa, Ajloun, Jaresh, and AlMafraq, and there was one murder that occurred within a family, but it was outside of Jordan, as the Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced in October of 2023, the killing of a Jordanian women at the hands of her Jordanian husband, in the Peel region of Canada.


Most of the crimes were categorized as 'husband killing wife' and 'brother killing sister,' with the majority being horrific crimes.

In cases related to crimes committed against females, most of them were either “husband kills his wife” or “father kills his daughter” or “brother kills his sister". While the crimes committed against males are either “the father against his son”, “or the son against his father.”


Analysis of the 2023 crimes reveals that all the crimes, whether committed by males against females or against other males, were particularly violent. One of the most violent crimes of 'husband killing wife' occurred in May 2023 in the capital city governorate. The husband fatally stabbed his wife multiple times with a 'butcher knife' in front of their children, inflicting over 20 lethal stabs. This tragic incident happened because the deceased refused to return to their home. The Public Prosecutor charged the husband with premeditated murder."


SIGI appeals against dismissing the personal rights in cases of murder and calls for the establishment of a specialized national observatory for family-related homicide crimes."

SIGI reiterates its demands including,  breaking the silence about violence, shattering the barrier of silence, and not disregarding the personal rights of the victims within the confines of the family unit. Those demands are considered to be the most crucial recommendations to reduce family-related homicides. 

The necessity to establish a national mechanism overseen by relevant institutions to specifically monitor family-related homicides, distinguishing them from other forms of homicide. This type of “family-related homicides” has witnessed a rise in recent years. SIGI consistently proposes the continual establishment of a national observatory to monitor instances of violence and family-related homicides, linking them with various indicators to analyze the crimes and find solutions in a scientific manner.  


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