About Us

Our identity:

Our vision:

Our vision for women:

Empowered women and girls, and enjoyment of local development in achieving comprehensive and sustainable development in various fields and building a democratic society where dignity, freedom, justice, equal opportunities and respect for diversity prevail in the state of citizenship, rights and freedoms.

Our vision for the association:

A distinguished, educated and participatory women’s rights organization with a democratic developmental approach that contributes to eliminating discrimination against women by ensuring their increased participation and enjoyment of Indians and their freedoms on the basis of justice and equality.

association message; Work on:

Promoting and upholding women's rights.
Equality and equivalence between equality and equality in equality and equivalence.
More armed forces.
Provide the opportunity for young people to participate more, establish leadership, trade assistance, and divide dialogue in Jordan and the region.
Continuing to work within the framework of the participatory and integrated approach between administrative programs and projects, local associations and partners.
Core values:

Faith and commitment: human rights, equality and the values of freedom and human dignity.
Perseverance and continuous learning.
Participation and teamwork.
Career work at work.
Maintain the volunteer spirit.
Respect for cultural diversity and intellectual difference.
Creativity, excellence, productivity and achievement.
Statement of institutionality, integrity, transparency and content.
Inclusion and marginalization of any segment of society; And senior, senior, and senior in electricity centers and batteries.
Strategy axes:

A- The main strategy:

1- Empowerment axis.

2- The axis of equality and discrimination.

3- The axis of human security and human rights.

4- The theme of access to justice.

5- The focus of the women's movement and feminist thought.

6- Axis of sustainable development.

B- Transversal axes:

7- The focus of knowledge production and management.

8- The axis of institutional development.

9- The focus of creativity and innovation.

10- The gender axis.

11- The axis of employing information and communication technology / information and communication technology.

12- Council of Sharia and Initiation